Happybuy 10152 PSI Hydraulic Electric Pump 750W Double Acting Hydraulic Driven Pump 110V 7L Manual Valve Hydraulic Power Pack Cylinder Hydrafore Pump

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An electric hydraulic pump is a hydraulic component that supplies pressurized liquid to a hydraulic transmission and is a type of pump. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of a power machine (such as an electric motor and an internal combustion engine) into the pressure energy of a liquid.

Max Pressure

-The hydraulic press has a maximum pressure of 10152 psi which higher than most products at the market.

Strong Storage Capacity

-This machine can store 7L of oil, large capacity, extended working hours.

Standard Voltage

-110v standard voltage is suitable for distribution areas, safer and more convenient to use.

High Speed

-1400 revolutions per minute, fast speed and high work efficiency.

Power Saving

-750W low power, electric hydraulic pump, save power and effort, free your hands.


Voltage: 110V

Power: 750W

Voltage pressure: 7 to 70 Mpa <br>High-voltage flow: 1 L/min

Low-voltage flow: 5 L/min

Rotating speed: 1400 r/min

Oil storing quantity: 7L (1.82 Gallon)

PSI: 10152psi

Package size: 14.2X11.0X19.7 inch (36X28X50 cm)

Gross weight: 60.7 lb (27.5 kg)


Check the voltage of the unit before using the electric hydraulic pump, and check that the plug is not connected to the socket. Connect one end of the high-pressure tubing to the connector of the unit and the other end to the type of tool you need. Also, please note that the quick couplings at both ends are locked in place. The quick coupling must be forced to the bottom and screwed into the jacket nut without loosening.

Package Included

1 X Hydraulic Pump

1 X Oil Hose

1 x Product Manual

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